We love Aussie small business.


About Us

Our mission is to back local small business and give them a fair dinkum deal for much needed funding.

Why do we love small businesses? Because we are one too.

Launched in 2018, we are a private company based in Melbourne and serving businesses right across Australia.

We have a passion for eCommerce, food and farmers, retailers, and cutting-edge technology — anyone who is out there, having a go and working in their local community. Unlike others we don’t base our assessment solely on business owners’ personal credit scores, rather we get across what you do and back the business. This allows businesses to spend their time where it provides the most benefit — on their customers and growing their business.

Another one of our distinguishing features is our standard rate. At Bromleigh, we don’t believe different businesses mean different rates. We don’t wait for you to apply before we tell you the rate you’ll be paying. We are upfront and transparent. We have a single low fixed rate so you know right from the start how much you will pay.

No tricks, no trying to rope you in. Just open, honest, transparent loans.



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I co-founded and launched Bromleigh as Australia’s first ethically-focussed small business financier. 

I want to help change the market to move away from predatory price gouging and irresponsible lending, to long-term finance partners who really understand innovative small Australian businesses and Australian eCommerce.

I worked in small startup businesses for many years, and was constantly devastated by the inability to grow because of being unable to access finance - or rather finance that was not just seeking to exploit our business. I therefore decided to do something about it.

My goal is to be out there supporting small Aussie businesses and digital eCommerce.

I believe in supporting owner-managed, innovative businesses and online traders, who are on their journey from startup to established enterprise.  

I particularly believe in supporting businesses that are doing good for the community - those that are providing jobs, employing local people and making positive contributions. Small business is the backbone of our community, and I want to help local businesses who are competing against imports, those taking Aussie products to the world, and solving local problems like environmental and health needs. Ultimately these are the best clients to have as they have the best long-term prospects and are doing something meaningful for our communities.

We understand that financing a small business can be a challenge that requires more time than most small business owners have in a day.

Our mission

Business operations, accounts receivable, customer service, and marketing strategies all play such a significant role in running a small business, and financing shouldn’t be taking your time and slowing you down.

That’s why at Bromleigh we offer simple and quick financing options like short and longer-term loans and lines of credit, in order to grow your business.

All this, compared to a traditional bank loan, makes Bromleigh an attractive option for your next financing strategy.

We offer a quick response to loan applications by qualifying and evaluating business performance based upon a variety of important performance metrics.

Bromleigh loves to loan to businesses all over Australia and has grown significantly in recent times with our issuance of loans right across business needs, such as inventory purchases, equipment acquisitions, hiring, and general corporate purposes.